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Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A.

There are many reasons why you would want to work from home. Maybe you want to spend more time with your kids, maybe you are tired of losing so much time in traffic jams every day, maybe you want to have more quality time, maybe you need a less stressful life, maybe you are an introvert or maybe you have agoraphobia.

There are many reasons why people want to work from home. Let’s see what the options are if you want to work from home and on which websites you can find vacancies for work-from-home jobs.

General Work-from-Home Websites for Freelancers

In this list you will find all kinds of freelance jobs such as content marketing, translation, copywriting, software development, graphic design, web design …

work-from-home freelancer
  1. Skipthedrive.com

2. Jobspresso.co

3. Freelancer.com

4. Workana.com

5. Cloudpeeps

6. Dreamhomebasedwork.com

7. Flexjobs.com

8. Remoteok.io

9. Virtualvocations.com

10. www.modsquad.com/

11. Weworkremotely.com

12. Powertofly.com

13. Outsourcely.com

14. Remotive.io

15. Remote.co

16. Justremote.co

17. Workingnomads.co

18. Masters.kang.fr FRANçAIS

18.1 Masters.kang.es ESPAÑOL

19 Wengo.es ESPAÑOL

19.1 Latino.wengo.com ESPAÑOL LATINO

19.2 Wengo.fr FRANÇAIS

Other Work-from-Home Websites


In this list, you have a number of websites that offer work-from-home jobs for teachers.

work-from-home teaching

20. Vivaling.com FRANÇAIS (& ENGLISH)

21. Verbling.com

22. Preply.com

23. Wyzant.com

24. Skooli.com

25. Tutor.com

26. Learnlight.com


Are you a fast typist? Then you can earn quite a bit of money converting audio and video files to text files. You can try otter.ai to help you.

work-from-home job transcribing

27. Rev.com 

28. Gotranscript.com

29. Scribie.com


If you are fluent in more than one language, you may want to consider a career as a translator.


30. Simplytranslate.eu

30.1 Simplytranslate.nl NEDERLANDS

30.2 Simplytranslate.be NEDERLANDS

31. Protranslate.net

32. Appen.com

32. Lionbridge.com

33. Getunilingo.com 

34. Gengo.com

35. Crealingua.be NEDERLANDS

36. Proz.com

37. Translatorscafe.com

38. Vertaalbureau-textwerk.nl NEDERLANDS

39. Traduc.com FRANÇAIS

40. Academicword.com

*. Tomedes.com

*. Smartling.com

*. Textmaster.com


Do you have a good writing skills? Then you can consider becoming a copywriter.

work-from-home jobs copywriting

41. Wriiters.com

42. Scribeur.com FRANÇAIS

43. Redacteur.com FRANÇAIS

44. Cracked.com

45. Listverse.com


Do you like marketing? Then you should definitely take a look at the following website!

content marketing

46. Clearvoice.com


If you can easily spot and correct writing mistakes, you may want to consider becoming an editor.

work-from-home jobs content editor

40.1 Academicword.com


If you want to earn money online by answering questionnaires, then surveys are the right thing for you.

work-from-home jobs surveys

47. Surveyjunkie.com

48. Ferpection.com

49. Hellopingpong.com

50. Intellizoom.com

51. Respondent.io

53. Humanatic.com

53. Mindswarms.com

55. Inboxdollars.com

55.1 Inboxpounds.co.uk

56. 20cogs.co.uk

57. Panelpayday.com


If you want to earn money by testing products and writing reviews, you can apply at the following companies.

work-from-home jobs testing

58. Capterra.com

59. Test.io

60. Loop11.com

61. Userfeel.com

62. Trymyui.com

63. Usertesting.com

64. Usertesting.club

65. Whatusersdo.com

66. Slicethepie.com

67. Researchtribe.com

68. Softwarejudge.com

69. Usertesting.com

70. Univoxcommunity.com

71. Reviewstream.com

72. Opinionoutpost.com

72.1 Centrodeopinion.es ESPAÑOL


Are you creative and do you want to take your chance in finding brand names for new companies?

finding brand names

73. Squadhelp.com


If you want to earn money by performing small tasks, micro-tasking is for you.


74. Earnably.com

75. Qmee.com

76. Rapidworkers.com

77. Treasuretrooper.com

78. Swagbucks.com

79. Mturk.com


Are you an assistant or accountant and do you want to work from home? Find your new work-from-home job below:

a work-from-home virtual assistant virtual bookkeeper

80. Belaysolutions.com


Are you a psychic, tarot reader or medium? Then there are many online jobs available for you.

psychic tarot medium

81. Onesun.com

82. Astrofame.com

82.1 Astrofame.co.uk

83. Livelinesukjobs.co.uk

84. Psychicsource.com

85. Keen.com

86. Kasamba.com

87. Wordookcoach.nl NEDERLANDS

88. Paravisie.nl NEDERLANDS

89. In-syn.nl NEDERLANDS

90. Helderinzicht.com NEDERLANDS

91. Astroangels.nl NEDERLANDS

92. Paragnostenchat.nl NEDERLANDS


Are you a blogger or influencer with a decent following? Then you can earn money with sponsored posts.

influencer blogger

93. Bloggersconnected.com

94. Payperpost.com

95. Sponsoredtweets.com

96. Brandbacker.com

97. Getreviewed.org

98. Cooperatize.com

99. Blogexpose.com

100. Linkfromblog.com

101. Seedingup.com

102. Valuedvoice.com

I wish you good luck with your new career. I hope you will also make good use of the free time you will have from now on.

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