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How You Can Start Living an Anxiety-Free Life

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Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A.

Anxiety-Free Life: Overview of Changes

Do you want to start living an anxiety-free life? Let’s have a quick overview of the changes I have made in my life to get rid of anxiety.

For many years I suffered from anxiety until, at one point, I decided to change my life. Many small changes have helped me get rid of my severe anxiety.

First of all, I decided to be more kind to myself and lower my life expectations. Then I kept an hour a day that I dedicate to spend doing what I want to do and what makes me happy. Later on, I started to say no when I didn’t feel like doing what other people asked me to do without feeling guilty or caring what they thought of me.

Subsequently, I began to work on my physical and hormonal well-being. I quit drinking coffee, tea, and soda altogether and started drinking two liters of water a day. I stopped taking the car because the traffic jams gave me horrible stress every morning and every evening. I started cycling ten kilometers from my house to my workplace. A small but important detail is that I also quitted smoking.

Seeing the positive effects on my physique motivated me to change my diet, so I started by eliminating fatty foods and hyper-processed foods, replacing them with healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and legumes. As I became fitter and fitter and balanced, I noticed that eating meat also became less and less attractive to me. Naturally, I reduced the portions of meat and chicken that I ate each week while focusing more on tiny fish portions. This evolution felt so natural that I was no longer eating animal foods at all when I realized it. It was no longer appealing to me.

Now I’ve been 100 percent vegan for quite a while, and I’ve never felt better and calm than in the present.

Meanwhile, I invested enough time to reframe my life. I embraced minimalism and threw many material things, which once seemed important to me but were of no use to me, in the trash. Gradually I found myself with a house where each present object had a utility and where the balanced structure of the decor inspired calm and control. I did the same with my desk at work, where there is nothing left but a water glass, a place for my laptop, and a bonsai tree that provides me with a little patch of greenery in the office.

This newly structured life in which I followed a schedule without imposing too strict standards on myself allowed me to have more time in my days since I no longer wasted time with all kinds of chaotic things that stressed me out in the past.

Now I also needed fewer hours of sleep to feel fully recovered. So I naturally started to practice new hobbies. Every morning, before my balanced breakfast, I now start my day with a morning session of zazen followed by a cold shower. It makes me feel awake, calm, and in a good mood from the start of my day. In the evening, I found time to read again. Reading naturally replaced TV, which allowed me to stop wasting hours absorbing bad news, utopian images of perfect lives (which all people on TV seem to have), and the new gadgets that I do not need. It allows me to be much less anxious, and it saves me from spending hours in front of a bright screen before going to bed. In short, I sleep much better.

Anxiety-Free Life: Balance and Happiness

anxiety-free life

Eventually, I shifted my focus from myself and all those things that I wanted to my friends and family. I quickly realized that they brought me a lot more happiness and pleasure than material things.

I no longer suffer from anxiety. It’s not very clear what specific factor this is due to, but it doesn’t matter since I think it is more due to positive development and several interconnected factors. It would boil down to a balanced mind in a balanced body.

Note that these changes were done bit by bit, so give yourself all the time you think you need. You will be more and more motivated along the way because as you change for the better and become the best version of yourself, you will enjoy your new life without anxiety more and more.

And believe me, if I can do it then so you can. 5 mindsets that will make you live an anxiety-free life

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