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10 Tips to Calm Your Nerves

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How to Calm Your Nerves

We all worry about stuff, fret under pressure, or get nervous in challenging situations. More than often, the fear of failure or imagining the worst-case scenario is what drives us forward to accomplish our goals. However, if we get upset over trivial things and circumstances that are unlikely to arise, the condition is diagnosed as an anxiety disorder. One ridiculous idea hits and suddenly your mind turns into a vortex of awful thoughts.

Anxiety lights the nerves on fire – there’s a surge of morbid emotions, your breaths quicken, heart rate escalates, hands become fists, and beads of perspiration escape your skin pores. This is your body’s response to the budding fear or anger inside you that may lead to a panic attack. Adrenaline levels heighten and you are immersed into the state of ‘fight or flight’, an instinct for survival. At that moment, it is crucial to calm your nerves to prevent yourself from losing control or exhibiting a dramatic reaction.

Being overwhelmed by anxiety can be humiliating and life-threatening. You are not able to think straight, so you will probably do something irrational. For instance, if you are driving at the time, the adrenaline may urge you to speed up or drive recklessly, resulting in a fatal car accident. Similarly, breaking down or making a scene at work may get you laid off.

Try these ten tips to calm your nerves and keep your cool under stress:

calm your nerves

1.      Deep Breathing

Deep breathing involves slowed down inhaling and exhaling. You have to breathe in the air slowly to your full lung capacity, hold your breath, and then gradually exhale it all out. Repeat this exercise to reverse the fight and flight response, and until you feel completely calm.

2.      Hydratation

A glass of pure ice-cold water truly helps a person cool down. Sit down and finish the glass in three segments. Feel free for seconds or splash some over your face too.

3.      Taking a Walk

At times, all you need is to distance yourself from the source of stress and anxiety. Go outdoors and walk around the block to clear your mind. The fresh air will be a welcome change from the stuffy indoors. Looking at the natural greenery shall stimulate a sense of tranquility.

4.      Listen to Music

Your favorite songs are likely to put you in a good mood or at least distract you from whatever is on your mind. Therefore, grab your ear pods or hands-free to zone out and get your Zen on.

5.      Shift Focus

Any activity that tends to grab your concentration and consume your brain will prove effective against combating anxiety. Games that involve problem-solving are great for shifting focus and exhausting pent-up energy. You can try solving a Rubik’s cube or download mind-engaging games like ‘Energy’ from the app store.

6.      Mindfulness

Find a quiet spot, sit down, and close your eyes. Slow down your breathing and relax all your muscles from toes to head. Let your body go limp, lie down, and visualize something that gives you pleasure.

7.      Express your feelings

If you have someone nearby whom you can confide in, let it all out. Tell your loved ones how you feel and allow them to comfort you.

8.       Journaling

If your thoughts and feelings seem too silly or embarrassing to share, try writing them down. Grab a diary or journal to scribble away. Don’t worry about spelling mistakes or grammatical errors; be as messy as you want because nobody is going to judge you.

9.      Socialize

Hugs and hand-holding lower blood pressure, and release oxytocin – the hormone associated with happiness and stress relief. Hug your partner, friend, family member, or your pet to overcome your qualms and feel secure.

10. Declutter

De-cluttering and cleaning is known to produce positive vibes. Grab the vacuum cleaner, load the dishwasher, and eliminate any mess that catches your eye. Once the place is spick and span, soak in a warm bathtub to cleanse the dirt and fatigue off of you.

Now you got some of the necessary tools to keep your nerves under control and live a calmer, happier life.

Infographic How to Calm Your Nerves
Infographic: How to Calm Your Nerves

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