5 Careers That Will Give You a Confidence Boost

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Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A.

Guest Post by Beth Rush

Do you feel stuck in a rut, and your job doesn’t describe you or your interests? Work takes up a lot of your time and spending it on an endeavor that seems fruitless can affect your entire attitude toward life. Maybe you’re even manifesting some symptoms of depression, like sleeping too much and finding less pleasure in daily activities.

Your outlook results both from your intrinsic drive and extrinsic factors — like what you do for a living. Enjoying your career can bring you greater happiness and life satisfaction every day. The right positions teach you how to gain confidence and rebuild your lagging self-esteem.

What should you do, especially if you don’t have an endless bankroll and don’t want to spend your life burdened with student loan debt? Here are five careers that will give you a confidence boost without requiring you to fill out a FAFSA.

In need of a confidence boost? Check these careers out!

1. Lifeguard


If you enjoy fun in the sun, why not go for a “Baywatch” style career complete with a tan? You’ll have the opportunity to work in some of the most luxurious locations imaginable — could you picture guarding the shores of a black-sand beach in Hawaii or spending your days aboard a cruise ship? It would be like living on a permanent vacation, except you earn around $15 an hour for your trouble.

You won’t need to go to college to get this position, but you will need to know how to swim. However, if you want to know how to build confidence, try going through the training program in your bathing suit. You’ll need to obtain your American Red Cross CPR and first aid training and pass the full Lifeguarding Training Course, which includes a physical exam — you need to be able to pull someone who is floundering out of the water.

A typical day in the life means you’ll begin your morning by inspecting the pool area or immediate beach for hazards. Those in beach locations may need to complete reports on oceanic conditions and help determine if the site remains safe for swimming. Throughout the day, you’ll have several 20 to 30-minute shifts where you’ll need to pay close attention to your assigned area, looking for signs of trouble.

You’ll finish the day with an inspection, ensuring all swimmers have left the area. When it comes to jobs that build confidence, you can’t go wrong with this one. Many people admire lifeguards and few things develop your sense of agency like saving another person’s life.

2. Fitness Instructor


Another topper on the list of jobs that build confidence is fitness instructor. After all, people look to you to model what a healthy, in-shape body looks — and, more importantly, moves — like. Furthermore, you don’t have to be a skinny mini. Curves and muscles are decidedly in and people today want their guides to resemble themselves, not some Olympic god or goddess.

Becoming a fitness instructor entails ongoing education, but the certification only costs a few hundred dollars a year, similar to lifeguard training. It’s far more affordable than taking out five or six figures in student loan debt — and still facing continuing education requirements.

Fitness instructors typically earn around $25 an hour. You have several areas in which you can focus, from general personal training to group fitness and specialty certifications like Zumba and various yoga forms. Adding a qualification generally costs less than $1,000, with many licenses ringing in around $300 – $500. You’ll need to renew most licenses at least every two years to stay current.

3. Bartender


How to gain confidence? Try holding conversations with people from all walks of life and different perspectives day after day. Being a bartender is like taking a crash course in human psychology, but you’ll quickly gain the people skills necessary to feel comfortable talking t just about anybody.

However, this career that gives you a confidence boost is oddly enough suited to introverts. Why? The patrons come to you. You don’t have to do anything to strike up the conversation — you’ll quickly learn how to dazzle a room by using your active listening skills.

Bartender incomes fluctuate with crowds and seasons. However, it isn’t unusual to walk away with several hundred bucks in your pocket after a good night. Plus, you’ll get a bit of a freebie crash course in the U.S. tax system when it comes time to report your tips.

4. Hairstylist


If you want to know how to build confidence, turning heads when you walk into the room with your glorious mane is a fabulous start. You can learn the tricks of the trade with a hairstylist career and get your hands on the most exclusive products at considerable discounts.

This career that gives you a confidence boost requires a little more education than some others on this list, but it still rings in far less than a traditional 4-year degree. You’ll need to attend state-certified cosmetology school to get your license, gain the requisite experience and pass the exam.

After that, you can set up shop by renting space from a popular salon or open your own. Many smaller stylists operate out of their homes at first. Still, it’s critical to check with local authorities, your landlord, or the homeowner’s association to ensure you don’t violate any local ordinances.

5. Massage Therapist


Rounding out the list of jobs that build confidence is massage therapy. This career course requires the most education — at least 700 hours at an accredited massage school. However, it’s still far more affordable than many 4-year, and even 2-year degree programs, and some schools have scholarship opportunities available.

You can also earn a small mint in this career, especially if you live in a resort town. For example, therapists in exclusive vacation getaway hotspots like Sedona charge over $200 an hour for their services. You can connect with a health spa — or several — or operate independently. Some mobile massage therapy technicians offer services in their patients’ homes for the ultimate relaxing luxury.

Jobs That Build Confidence

Are you feeling stagnant in your current position? The wrong job can adversely affect your mental health and take a toll on your self-esteem. Why not investigate one of these jobs that build confidence?

You won’t have to invest much money for one of the above five careers. You’ll also enjoy more satisfaction in daily life, learn how to gain confidence, and wring more passion from every day.

What kind of jobs make you confident?

job confident doctor

The jobs that make you confident challenge you, and enable you to prove to yourself that you can get the job done. Mostly these will be jobs that require communication and engagement. After all, the key to success is to believe in yourself. You should also never forget how good it feels to help others on a daily basis.

A few other examples of jobs that can make you feel confident:

  • real estate agent
  • teacher
  • recruiter
  • doctor
  • lawyer
  • social worker
  • firefighter

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