7 Benefits of Downsizing and Tiny Living

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Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A.

Guest post by Cora Gold, Editor-In-Chief of Revivalist. She loves to write about happiness, lifestyle, mindfulness, and health.

Whether you’ve heard of the tiny living movement or you’re just getting started looking into what downsizing can mean in your own life, there are several directions you can take to make your life a little less complicated. If you’re interested in the tiny living movement, minimalism, or downsizing in any capacity, there are so many benefits you can find in tidying up.

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Of course, the same level of minimalism isn’t bound to work for everyone, but you can find a degree of downsizing that works for your lifestyle. Here are some of the benefits you might find when you start downsizing your life.

Benefits of Downsizing and Tiny Living

1.  Saving Money

One of the first things that come to mind about downsizing is the ability to save money on all kinds of expenses, from bills and utilities to things like furnishings and accessories. You can even make a little extra cash by selling some of your unwanted items or pawning them for a bit of extra money. That extra money might take your mind off financial worries, which can be a major contributor to stress levels.

2.  Emotional Freedom

People who have let go of many of their material possessions often say doing so has had a profound emotional impact. After downsizing a little bit, you may notice that you can experience a lot more emotional freedom, and it feels like a literal weight has been lifted off you.

Downsizing and Tiny Living

3.  Prioritizing Your Needs

Letting go of some of your material possessions can help you put your priorities in order. When you have a limit on the number of things you can reasonably hold onto, it forces you to take a look at your life and decide what you actually need. This can actually be extremely freeing, as it can help you figure out what you actually want.

4.  Keeping Organized

One of the best benefits that can come out of downsizing is the ability to stay organized and on top of everything because you don’t have as many items to keep track of. Not only does this help your space feel cleaner, but it can also help you find things more easily. Having a cluttered home can cause you to feel overwhelmed, so downsizing can bring a much-needed sense of calm and control.

5.  Easier Travel

When you don’t have as many physical possessions, it can be much easier to travel because you can pack light. Packing an entire suitcase filled with everything you might need and more can weigh you down, especially if you move around a lot while traveling. When you’re used to downsizing, you won’t even need to worry about that.

Downsizing and Tiny Living

6.  Starting a New Chapter

In order to move on from one place to another, it can often be extremely helpful to downsize. Especially if you’re moving a long distance, you can embark on a new chapter by starting fresh. Take only the essentials and don’t feel weighed down by excessive possessions.

7.  More Living Arrangement Options

If you’ve ever wanted to live unconventionally, downsizing and tiny living is the best way to do it. Not only do you have the option to live wherever you want, but you can also try out things like van life or becoming an au pair.

There are a million possibilities out there, and when you have the freedom to let go of your personal possessions, you often find exactly what you’re looking for.

Downsizing for Life

Downsizing and Tiny Living

There are so many ways you can downsize, and it’s all about finding the right choice for you and living in accordance with your own health and wellness. Though it might not seem obvious, tiny living can have a huge benefit for your mental health and stability. Are you excited to get a little tinier?

Interesting Facts about Downsizing and Tiny Living


How do you downsize for tiny living?

  1. Stop buying new stuff
  2. Use bins for measurement
  3. Eliminate multiples
  4. Use multitasking appliances
  5. Pass on Paper
  6. Give things away
  7. Throw a packing party (check it out at The Minimalists)

What do you throw away when downsizing?

  1. 100% of exercise equipment
  2. 100% of CD’s and DVD’s
  3. 95% of decoration
  4. 95% of furniture
  5. 95% of books
  6. 90% of kitchen appliances
  7. 85% of clothes

How long do people stay in tiny houses?

Young couples usually give up their tiny house after five years, when they begin a family and need more space. Older tiny homeowners however are in for the long haul as they see tiny living as a lifestyle.

How long do tiny homes last?

With regular maintenance, your tiny house can last up to 50 years. However, depending on the materials and build quality the average tiny house will last up to 10 years. Tiny houses on wheels also tend to have a significantly shorter lifespan because of the lack of stable foundations, and the stress that you place on the structure by moving it.

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