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9 Tips On How To Deal With The Fear Of Loneliness

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Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A.

Guest Post by: Stan Popovich

Stan Popovich is the author of “A Layman’s Guide To Managing Fear. Stan also provides free advice at his website at www.managingfear.com.

In this article, Stan will give us some insight into how to deal with the fear of loneliness.

First of all, you must know that fear of loneliness is known by several names like monophobia, autophobia, eremophobia, or isolophobia.

Do you currently struggle with being alone in your life?

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At ometime or another, we will all experience a moment or even a period when we’ll be alone. It can be very depressing when you’re by yourself on a regular basis.

The key to overcoming loneliness is to have the confidence that you will get by and that you have the ability to develop relationships with others.

With this in mind, here are nine suggestions that a person can use so that the fear of loneliness doesn’t become a major issue in their life.

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1. Accept who you are: 

Do not get into the habit of comparing yourself to others. You are unique in this world and it is important that you realize that you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. All it takes is a little confidence and some effort to develop a life that makes you happy. It will take some work but anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

2. Create goals: 

Set achievable goals on a regular basis and then take small steps to accomplish them. Make sure your goals are measurable and monitor your progress. Don’t get upset if you don’t accomplish all of your goals. You can always change your plans so that you can be more successful.

3. Find something that you enjoy doing: 

Joining a group activity can be a great way to meet people. Doing something that you like to do will make you happy and the fact that you will be around different people will increase your chances of making friends.

4. Spend your time with an animal or pet: 

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Animals are a great source of companionship. Volunteer at your local animal shelter to help those animals who are in need. Another option is to consider adopting a pet. Regardless, spending time with your favorite pet or animal will overcome your loneliness.

5. Help others through community service: 

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There are many people out there who could benefit from your time and talents. Helping others can give you a sense of pride and accomplishment and help you not to focus on your loneliness. You can also increase your chances of meeting others with similar interests.

6. Things could be worse: 

There are many people that are married or are stuck in a relationship that makes them miserable and depressed. Being in an unhappy relationship can be very depressing, so remind yourself the next time you feel a little lonely.  Remember that you’re better of being alone rather than being stuck in an unhealthy relationship.

7. The important thing is to be active: 

Sitting around and doing nothing will not make things any better whether it is dealing with the fear of being alone or something else. Take it one day at a time and try to make the effort of being active with others in your community.

8. Things can change over time: 

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Nothing remains the same and events change all of the time. Even if the thing that you feared does happen there are circumstances and factors that you can’t predict which can be used to your advantage. You never know when an opportunity that you are looking for will come to you which is why suicide is not the answer.

9. You’re not the only one who is alone: 

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Remember that everyone deals with loneliness sometime in their life. Focus on your life and don’t compare yourself to others. Continue to seek friendships with other people and don’t feel sorry for yourself. There are all kinds of people in various circumstances so don’t assume that you are the only one who is alone.

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