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What is the Globus Sensation?

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Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A.

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Improved mental health awareness is helping individuals identify and treat various disorders. More people are talking about mental health side effects, which helps to reduce stigmas. One side effect individuals are normalizing is the globus sensation.

This sensation is concurrent with repressed emotions, anxiety, and some physical health conditions. The globus sensation refers to the constant lump-in-the-throat feeling. Researchers are identifying how to get rid of the globus sensation to improve individuals’ quality of life.

Repressed Emotions and Globus Sensations:

What the Lump in Your Throat Is Trying to Tell You

The globus sensation is a common mental and physical health condition. Many individuals experiencing the condition visit ear, nose, and throat (ENT) practitioners instead of psychiatrists. Some individuals misidentify their conditions because of the physical effects.

Individuals experience a constant lump-in-throat feeling when struggling with the globus sensation, and some patients report the feeling of having foreign objects lodged in their throats when experiencing the condition. Mental health professionals are expanding their globus sensation research to determine what exactly causes the condition.

What Causes the Constant Lump-in-Throat Feeling?

Globus Sensation

Globus sensations generally derive from repressed emotions, and researchers have identified some physical causes. One common cause of a lump-in-the-throat sensation is acid reflux. Some individuals experience a silent form of reflux called laryngopharyngeal reflux. The condition is difficult to detect and leaves individuals with lump sensations in their throats.

Another physical cause of the globus sensation is cervical spondylitis. Individuals develop the condition from long-term tension in their throat and neck muscles.

Some individuals find this sensation is a result of medication side effects. Professionals prescribe patients respiratory steroids after conducting thorough airway evaluations. The steroids often cause throat restriction sensations in asthma patients.

Most globus sensation patients develop the condition as a result of stress and anxiety. Subduing strong feelings can physically create tension in and around an individual’s voicebox. High cortisol levels may directly impact your ability to relax your throat muscles as well.

How to Get Rid of the Globus Sensation

Researchers are conducting studies to identify how to get rid of the globus sensation. An effective way to minimize globus sensations in asthma patients is using steroid alternatives to treat severe flareups. Medical professionals can reduce the side effect by prescribing beclomethasone dipropionate/formoterol fumarate (BDP/FF) instead of steroids.

Individuals can also practice mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety as a globus sensation treatment method. Mindfulness may help individuals reduce their cortisol levels and experience fewer side effects. Individuals can also get rid of globus sensations by working to release repressed emotions.

They may allow their emotions to surface in controlled and supportive environments with trained mental health professionals. Researchers also discovered individuals could relieve globus sensations by crying. Patients stand a good chance of minimizing the lump-in-throat sensation by finding a reliable therapist.

Globus Sensation Prevention Techniques

Individuals can also prevent the globus sensation by minimizing triggers. Asthma patients may reduce their susceptibility to flareups by identifying their common triggers and symptoms. Many individuals experience asthma attacks from long-term exposure to pollution and allergens. Cold air, exercise, smoke, and some fragrances may also increase individuals’ susceptibility to flareups.

Individuals can also prevent globus sensations by reducing their anxiety and stress levels. Mental health patients can improve their diets by eating more nutrient-dense meals.

They can also engage in at least 20 minutes of relaxation each day by practicing yoga or meditation. Yoga and massage therapy may also relieve cervical spondylitis and the lump-in-the-throat sensation.

Another way to prevent globus sensations is by preventing acid reflux. Individuals can prevent silent acid reflux by avoiding fried foods, fatty proteins, greasy meals, and spices. They may also quit smoking to avoid acid reflux later in life. Preventing globus sensation triggers can improve individuals’ long-term quality of life.

Home Remedies for Globus Sensation

Globus Sensation

People suffering from the globus sensation may try at-home treatments before visiting a medical or psychological professional.

For a start, individuals can reduce uncomfortable throat sensations by increasing their water intake. Consider consuming between 11.5 and 15.5 cups of water every day on top of teas, coffee, or sports drinks.

Individuals can also treat globus sensations from home by reducing their caffeine consumption. Consider consuming less coffee by swapping it with minimally caffeinated teas. Drinking decaffeinated coffee can also decrease an individual’s reliance on caffeinated beverages.

You may also treat globus sensations naturally by resting your vocal cords. Limiting shouting, throat clearing, and raising your voice may reduce tension in your neck muscles.

Professionals also recommend individuals suffering from globus sensations should improve their posture. Individuals can improve their posture and reduce neck stress by stretching their necks. Try dropping your right ear to your right shoulder and rolling your chin to your chest to stretch your neck muscles. Repeat the exercise on the left side.

When Should You Contact a Professional?

Contact a medical professional about your globus sensation if the symptoms begin interfering with your daily life. If you also have trouble independently treating your side effects, you may benefit from visiting a medical or psychological professional. Globus sensations may exacerbate other mental health symptoms in some scenarios. Ultimately, individuals are wise to contact a professional if their globus sensation is worsening their anxiety or stress levels.

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