Gratitude: How and Why to Express It Daily

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Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A.

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According to many Western and Eastern beliefs. Gratitude is said to be one of the many keys to happiness and mindfulness.

Gratitude is an extremely powerful feeling of recognition towards someone to whom we would feel indebted. And yes! Feeling grateful for each gift that life gives us is an extremely powerful lever in the quest for well-being.

Why Express Your Gratitude

By expressing your gratitude on a daily basis, a world of possibilities will open up. You attract positivity and kindness. It is also one of the keys leading to the law of attraction.

In addition, it has been proven that the expression of gratitude on a daily basis develops certain characteristics such as:

-A drastic improvement in the quality of sleep.

– A strengthening of the immune system.

– The possibility of being able to live more intensely in the present moment.

Through this article, I will give you tips and techniques that I personally use to express my daily gratitude to the universe.

3 Ways to Express Gratitude Every Day

Keeping a Journal


The journal is an extremely powerful tool that will allow you to fully express your gratitude to the universe. The concept is simple. Bring a diary or even an agenda. And write down the highlights of your day. Moments for which you feel fully grateful. It could be written like this.

“Thank you universe for putting this lovely person on my way, this young man who helped me find my way back. I feel infinitely grateful.”

While writing down your milestones, you need to feel like you are reliving them. Try to rediscover the feeling of gratitude that inhabited you at the moment mentioned and express it fully through your writings.

The Prayer of Gratitude or Gratitude Mantra


Many people are allergic to the word prayer and to everything that falls into the religious lexical field. Yet prayer is a truly powerful tool of gratitude.

In addition to allowing you to express your gratitude, prayer will allow you to reconcile with yourself and therefore with the universe. There are different kinds of prayer or mantras. Choose the one that speaks to you the most, the one that will touch your soul. It doesn’t matter if it comes from religion or not. What matters is how you feel about it. I offer you here a prayer that particularly touches me, but this is only an example. Moreover, if you are comfortable with writing, nothing prevents you from creating your own prayers. I repeat to myself the most important thing is the intention that you will put into it.

When I gladden my heart,

I awaken the energy of gratitude. 

This energy uplifts and expands me.

By opening my heart, I can feel gratitude deeply.

Gratitude shifts the moment by shifting me.

Nothing around me changes; I change.

My True Nature is Happiness – Ananda Hum

Just Smile


“Smile at life and it will smile back at you.” We all know this old adage. However, do we practice it on a daily basis? Smiling in all circumstances is a great way to show gratitude to the universe. By smiling you emanate positive waves that the universe will perceive. Besides, the universe will not be the only one to perceive what you emit! Whether it’s the people who meet you on a daily basis or a passerby in the street, people will perceive your cheerfulness. They will thank you. By sending positive you will receive it in return, so do not hesitate to smile at life!

As promised, I’ve shown you my tips for expressing gratitude on a daily basis. All of these tips work and with practice, they will allow you to see things positively in all circumstances. I wish you a beautiful inner journey.

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