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15 Ways to Heal From Depression Naturally

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Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A.

Guest Post by Jennifer Ellesse, BA. Editor at

Tips to Heal From Depression Naturally

1. Interrupt the thinking

Heal From Depression Naturally

Almost all psychiatric patients are obsessed with figuring out a problem or an issue in their way. Usually, they can’t figure it out in their way of thinking, so they get into a corner. The more you can’t think, the more you think. So it is essential to stop thinking and stop taking the bull by the horns.

2. Stop being hard on yourself

Almost all people with depression are perfectionists and have no choice but to attack themselves when their inner goodness cannot bear to hurt others. Stop all attacks on your thoughts, stop all attacks on your own words, stop all attacks on your behavior, stop all attacks on your imagination.

3. Reshape physical and spiritual boundaries

One of the primary reasons for my depression is my weakness and kindness. I can’t bear to refuse people’s unreasonable requests to me. I always force myself to say something I don’t want to say and do something I don’t want to do, and then I feel remorseful and regretful after I do it.

Due to a lack of physical and spiritual boundaries, I surrendered my sovereignty and let others tell me what to do. So I said “no” to what I didn’t want to do and didn’t say what I didn’t want to say, which was an essential part of my healing training at that time.

4. Let depression go

Among depression, the most painful thing is to expect too much that the depression will get better. After I experienced the pain of depression, I found that the more I expected, the more disappointed I was. I didn’t think about it and let the depression go; I should do whatever I wanted. I didn’t have to think about when it would get better and what I could do if it continued. I focused directly on a small flower, a puppy, or a baby in front of me.

5. Don’t think about anything

Heal From Depression Naturally

When I feel weak and don’t want to do things, I permit myself to do nothing. We don’t need to feel guilty because there are few things more important than our health in this world. Stop thinking and live peacefully in the present moment.

6. Stop fearing the future

For those struggling with depression, the future is like a devil whose face is not visible, and we don’t know when it will devour us. When I was depressed, I thought, “If I can’t be cured, I need to keep dragging myself out like this, and eventually I will become a beggar on the street. But many beggars are living well. When I think about the future to the end, I am no longer afraid. Even If I can not pass the exam, and work is not good, these are no longer a problem.”

7. Stop thinking about the past

We usually have a lot of regrets and remorse about the past, and we desperately think about the history: what did I do wrong to end up like this today? We get caught up in excessive introspection. Can you change the past? You can’t change anything. The only thing you can do is let the past dissipate into the air like a fart, which is the only way to deal with the past. Because no matter how much you think about history, you cannot change it. All you can do is to say goodbye to the past with grace.

8. Eliminate the sense of shame and guilt

During my depression, I would always fall into a low worth and have a deep sense of shame about everything I had done in the past or the harm I had suffered. And shame is the most aggressive for the ego. Because it often feels like you don’t deserve to live in this world. In my psychological self-healing training for depression, eliminating the sense of shame and guilt is an essential part of the training.

9. Focus on the minor things

Consciously train yourself to focus on drinking water, on the delicate sensations felt by the taste buds when eating, on the scent of a small flower that fills the entire nasal cavity. When you consciously exercise yourself to focus on the minor things, you will experience the pleasure you have not experienced before.

10. Try to remove past traumas

Past traumas and shadows are contained in the conscious and subconscious mind. We can resolve the trauma in the aware mind needs through various healing methods. Still, the trauma in the subconscious mind needs to be improved through clearing meditation in self-healing training for depression.

11. Free yourself of your emotional burden

We are placed a tremendous amount of psychological baggage by our parents, relatives, and friends when we grow up. They have all kinds of expectations and demands on us, and we grow up to live with their needs and expectations. Unloading the emotional baggage means that I live in my way.

12. Unleash the aggressiveness

Many people with depression do not have a reasonable outlet for their internal grievances for various reasons and eventually turn to attack themselves. We should know that aggression is one of human nature. No matter how you suppress it, it always has to find a channel to vent out. If the attack is hidden for a long time, it will cause a loss of vitality, which is one of the most typical symptoms of people with depression. Therefore, fighting back appropriately against the injustice you are in is one of the fundamental self-healing training of depression.

13. Playback of scenario simulation

You can rewind the events that you can’t let go of in your mind. Carefully recall the event that brought you strong negative emotions, and enter the situation to fight back vigorously. You will feel a strong sense of pain after training, which has a powerful effect on depression.

14. Forgive people who did you wrong

Forgiving people who have hurt themselves, either intentionally or unintentionally, can be difficult for many people. But through repeated training in getting rid of trauma, one eventually comes into a state of forgiveness.

15. Forgive yourself

Heal From Depression Naturally

One of the most important things is to forgive yourself for all the things you have done wrong. Completely let yourself go. No longer allow yourself to carry heavy psychological pressure. A person who no longer blames himself will be the beginning of an easy journey.

I struggled with depression for seven years and have not relapsed in 13 years since I recovered. I hope these methods can help everyone who is seeking help.

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