10 Healthy Family Habits and Practices

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Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A.

Everyone’s family is different, but no one wants their relationships or loved ones to do anything less than thrive. If you need help navigating life with everyone, read these healthy family habits and practices. They’re easy to try on a budget and a busy schedule.

Start Practicing Easy Healthy Family Habits Right Now

1. Get Everyone’s Opinion

healthy family habits

It’s easier to get everyone on the same page when they all enjoy the upcoming changes. No one will agree on everything, but each person in your family should look forward to at least one healthy adjustment in their lives.

They might join a sports team they’ve always wanted to try or get more freedom to experiment in the kitchen. Have a family chat to decide how to include everyone’s interests.

2. Stay Active During the Week

Working out is vital for people of all ages. You need physical activity to develop strong muscles and even strengthen your immune system, but families don’t have to get gym memberships to get in shape.

Exercise with your loved ones by playing video games that require movement or doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts in the backyard. As long as the activity increases your heart rate, your family will get healthier.

3. Stop Frying Food in Oil

healthy family habits

Air fryers are more affordable than ever, so they’re a great alternative to fried foods. When your family is craving chicken strips or french fries, you can cut the fat intake by 75% by putting everything in an air fryer basket. You’ll always be a few minutes away from healthier versions of your favorite meals.

Your family will also get to enjoy new recipes beyond fried foods. You could make egg roll wraps, toasted breakfast sandwiches, and lava cakes with your air fryer. Spend a few minutes looking up recipes and you’ll make your family healthier by keeping frying oil out of your home.

4. Stop Buying Sodas

Keeping sodas stocked in your house might give everyone something delicious to drink, but it isn’t good for their health. The intense amount of sugar in each can or bottle leads to weight gain, blood sugar spikes, and even behavioral changes in children.

A recent study found that the leading sweetener in sodas known as aspartame can cause neurobehavioral changes in young kids. They may become more irritable and display ADHD symptoms. Swap sodas for sparkling waters or sugar-free drink flavor packets to limit their exposure to harmful sweeteners.

5. Show How to Forgive

healthy family habits

Even the happiest family members will eventually argue with each other. Kids need to learn how to forgive and get past those disagreements. They’ll maintain healthier relationships with each other and others outside of their family. Their mental health will also improve.

Holding onto anger and grudges erodes your mental health. It could trigger constant irritability, hopelessness, or resentment. Walk your family members through the process of talking about their disagreements and resolving them through forgiveness so they have the tools they need to keep their mental health in a positive place.

6. Establish Firm Sleep Routines

Everyone needs to sleep through the night to reset their brains. You’ll have more energy and feel better by fixing your family’s sleep schedule. If everyone puts their electronics away 30 minutes before turning the lights out, their minds will unwind and be ready to sleep when they finish brushing their teeth.

7. Drink More Water

healthy family habits

It’s always a good idea to drink more water. Proper hydration helps your digestive system and brain function, but it can also help your teen. Water regulates hormone production, reducing the intensity of frequent breakouts during puberty. Personalized water bottles could be what your family needs to stay more hydrated without disrupting their busy schedules.

8. Plan Family Activities

Your state of mind remains positive more easily when you have healthy family dynamics. Everyone will trust each other and have more fun if you craft better relationships by spending more time together. Plan family activities like game nights or attending local parades to create memories that make better familial bonds.

9. Take a Nature Walk

healthy family habits

Stress impacts everyone differently. If your loved ones are dealing with a lot right now and take their stress out on each other, take a few nature walks each week. Research shows that spending more time in nature reduces your blood pressure, relieving stress and making people feel more at peace.

Your walks could be around your neighborhood, through a local park, or down a nature trail in a nearby federal park. It depends on where you live and what you can fit into your schedule.

10. Schedule Annual Checkups

Everyone must have an annual checkup with their primary care physician. Children and teens are especially in need of checkups because their bodies are experiencing so much change. Set up a calendar reminder to make appointments for everyone. You’ll ensure that their growth is on track and that their vaccinations are up to date each year.

You also need to make sure whether your kids need braces or not. Braces have a ton of benefits for children, as well as young adults. However, they can also lead to problems in terms of leading day-to-day lives. This is why you need to get in touch with the best dentists that can help you deal with this situation. 

Make Your Family Healthier With Healthy Family Habits

healthy family habits

You can use these tips to make your family healthier no matter how many people you live with or what your schedule looks like. Think about what your loved ones lack to give them the best help, like getting more active or eating more nutritious meals. Even the most minor changes will make a significant difference by immediately improving your family’s mental and physical health.

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