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How to find a good psychologist online?

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For certain disorders such as agoraphobia, social phobia, anxiety, or depression, and online psychologist may be the appropriate response to start effective treatment and find a way to cure it.

There are many types of psychologists online, and to find the right help, you will need to do a comparative study. Every online psychologist is unique, and none will suit all types of patients because each person is different.

Find a psychologist online

Do you need a psychologist?

psychologist online
Online mental healthcare has been around since 1986 with “Ask Uncle Ezra”

You must first know if you need a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a psychoanalyst, or a psychotherapist

What is the difference?

-The psychiatrist is a doctor licensed in medicine and not in psychology. He studies genetic and neurological mental disorders. As he is a doctor, his specialty is the human body. This professional mainly uses drugs to treat mental disorders.

-The psychologist is a mental health professional who practices psychology, which involves studying human behavior, mental processes, and the nervous system. There are several types of psychologists, such as clinical psychologists, social psychologists, neuropsychologists, school psychologists, occupational psychologists, and even forensic psychologists. In our case, we are only interested in clinical psychologists who specialize in all aspects of mental and emotional health. They assess, diagnose, prevent, and treat patients. Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy are some of the orientations of clinical psychology.

Let me explain further:

-The psychoanalyst exercises psychoanalysis, founded by Freud, which consists in seeking imbalances in the patient’s unconscious based mainly on childhood conflicts. The psychoanalyst then tries to make the patient aware of the conflicts and imbalances that affect him. To reach conclusions, the psychoanalyst can make free associations and interpret the patient’s dreams.

-The psychotherapist exercises psychotherapy, which consists of speaking with the patient to treat his mental problems by changing his way of thinking, acting, and feeling. Psychotherapy is based on social, psychological, and biological theories. That is to say that the psychotherapist will speak to you to modify your way of thinking, it will be based on studies to find the cause of your emotional imbalance and to resolve it.

If you have agoraphobia, social phobia, depression, or an anxiety disorder, you will most likely go to a psychotherapist to modify your way of thinking and acting and thus find your emotional balance.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy or psychodynamic therapy?

There are many types of psychotherapy, but the most effective and recommended types of psychotherapy are cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic therapy.

We will focus on these two types of psychotherapy today:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy: It is a mixture of psychotherapy and behavioral therapy, which is generally short-term and whose aim is to change the patient’s behavior, way of thinking or emotions. Typically cognitive behavior therapy lasts about five months. It focuses on problems, attitudes, and thinking and how these influence behavior and emotions. The therapist will work with you to develop a strategy to address and resolve the issues encountered. You will learn a set of principles that you can use for the rest of your life when you need to. It is an effective and scientific therapy to find your emotional balance and control of your life.

Psychodynamic therapy: It is the most modern form of psychoanalysis; it is also called dynamic-analytical psychotherapy. It aims to make the patient aware of the unconscious conflict to which he is subject to balance his emotions. More specifically, we will bring out the painful feelings and memories that we hide behind a wall of oppression and denial. It will mainly be a question of rectifying our behavior by eliminating the root of the conflict by an open and not judged dialogue. Your feelings will be analyzed and guided, and your thoughts will be interpreted. You will learn new ways of thinking and acting in the face of the current conflict. This type of therapy is also short-term in the majority of cases.

Now that you know what each type of therapy offers, we can choose the type of therapy that would work best for us. Then we will have to choose the therapist who best suits us from online psychologists. It would be better to go to a reputable website with accredited therapists and put filters to limit your search to specific requirements, type of therapy, language, country, gender, etc.

Once you have found the psychologist who seems appropriate to you, contact them to ask questions that you think are essential. If you have found the first contact satisfactory, you can make an appointment for your first session.

Now, I can only congratulate you.
You have already taken the first step towards a new meaningful life!

Information about Online Therapy by The American Psychological Association

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