7 Levels of Consciousness

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A concept of consciousness is that it is made up of seven levels, each level representing an increasing degree of self-awareness and spiritual wisdom.

7 Levels of Consciousness

The First Level: Instinctual Consciousness

At the first level, the individual only has access to their instincts and physical drives. On this level, people can be violent and destructive animals without a care for others.

The Second Level: Emotional Consciousness

The second level allows a connection to emotions and feelings towards others, but not a true understanding of those feelings. Individuals on this level can lash out at those they love or feel close to without thinking about the consequences of their actions.

7 levels of consciousness

The Third Level: Mental Consciousness

At the third level, people begin to think and reason and wonder how others feel about them. At this level, people can be spiteful or vindictive towards those they perceive as a threat. This is the first level of consciousness where true malice arises.

The Fourth Level: Bliss Consciousness

As people evolve past their initial base level of consciousness, they become more aware of the world around them and how it affects their lives. People at this level have a connection to others and always strive to help those in need while protecting themselves from harm. This is the first level where true altruism arises.

The Fifth Level: Dharma Consciousness

On the fifth level, a person begins to see the consequences of their actions and how their actions affect others. To reach this level, a person must fulfill their duties in life and rid themselves of vices such as greed or lust.

7 levels of consciousness

The Sixth Level: Samadhi Consciousness

People at this level have developed a strong connection with the world around them and can see everything as a whole. At this level, people use their wisdom and knowledge to help and guide others while still protecting their own interests.


The Seventh Level: God Consciousness

At the seventh level, people have become one with the world around them and share in each other’s experiences. People at this level can feel the life force of the world around them and are receptive to information from beyond their normal senses.

According to Nearpeer Online O levels tutors mindful, learning and peaceful education encourage greater consciousness for oneself and one’s environment, which allows for learners to be more conscious of their thoughts and actions.

7 levels of consciousness

Is consciousness a brain process?

The question of whether consciousness is a brain process is complicated by the difficulties in defining what, precisely, consciousness is. Is it awareness? Is it self-awareness? Is it perception or language or memory or thinking, or some combination thereof? Once this question is answered, then we can look at how these mental processes are instantiated in brains and look for brain processes that correspond to them.

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