Long-Term Thinking – The 5 Secrets To Living A Happier And Healthier Life

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To apply long-term thinking, we, as human breeds, have evolved into social creatures. Our need to connect with others is ingrained, going back hundreds of thousands of years to when we needed to socialize in groups to survive.

We learned that we could more effectively fend off predators, hunt and gather food, and care for our offspring as part of society.

In spite of that, modern society is bringing an easy life for us because now we have practically everything at our disposal. We think we don’t have to do anything and deserve to be successful without the need to apply long-term thinking.

“I don’t need to think 10 years ahead, I need to make it for this year, and we will see what’s coming up for the next one.”

Well, my fellas, this is so wrong! Believe me, in the past, I even considered that I deserved the life of my dreams. But as time passed, I discovered that you need to work for it and never give up on your goals.

Therefore, I started to apply the long-term thinking approach. Then and only then can you feel the shift in your existence. With this in mind, you can conquer your “promised” land, hunt the most ferocious beasts, and take anything you want after a tiny little shift in your mindset!

This shift in mindset is crucial to maintain your purpose in helping you live a happier and healthier life. Now, let me share the top 5 secrets that I utilized to bolster my living and enhance my productivity that led me to become a multi-millionaire by the age of 30.

Long-term Thinking to Living a Happier Life

Secret #1: Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and drugs

long-term thinking no alcohol

If there is one thing you are able to do to improve your health and reduce the risk of any kind of disease, it’s to avoid these three deviant forms. If you smoke now, stop.

If you are consuming alcohol right now, think about the consequences. If you do drugs, then ask yourself why you are doing that. If you never started applying these deviant forms, you are on the right path to a healthy lifestyle.

Start your fitness, and you may never think of these deviants anymore. You will have your own pattern of behaviors that can only lead you to a prosperous and healthier life.

You only need to develop an exercising habit that can push you towards and remind you that building muscles is like building success – a slow but proven process, after all.

Secret #2: Find your work-life balance

With the correct balance of family and business, people can maximize productivity. Failure to find work-life balance can jeopardize your health. It is essential to understand that putting yourself first does not mean neglecting your business.

By addressing work-life balance, you can finally find the ideal proportion between work and fitness, succeed as much as ever in the business world, and have a family life on your own.

All successful people have the right balance. You just need to adjust your own. Make yourself a plan on how to execute your daily family routines without disturbing workplace necessities.

Secret #3: Have enough sleep

long-term thinking Sleep

What I mean by having enough sleep is that some individuals may need about 3-4 hours of sleep per day, while some may even need 10 hours of sleep per day.

It’s all relative, but the most important thing is how you organize your day. Everybody has 24 hours during the day at their disposal. It is vital to use the time accordingly and to never waste your time for good.

At the beginning of the day, it doesn’t really matter when you wake up, but how you wake up and what comes first in your mind. Please pay close attention to this, as the way it is done is more important than the period of waking up.

Secret #4: Keep learning – you cannot be overeducated

Extra education will definitely guide you to a more engaged mind in the years to come, which means a longer and happier life. That doesn’t mean you must go to the finest university; you must engage in lifelong, intentional learning.

For example, it might mean reading serious non-fiction as part of a learning routine for new topics. Also, you might wanna try new things, and by wanting – by having the desire to learn, you actually understand a lot.

If you need more data, there are countless books available now or even Internet channels and podcasts where you can dig out super essential hints on pursuing your dreams to help you apply long-term thinking correctly.

Secret #5: Constantly build your network

long-term thinking socialize

Strong networking ties with people and collaborators protect us from the need to have a regular life that can quickly draw us to isolation, depression, and even mental illness. Don’t forget to spend more time cultivating connections with your parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, friends, coworkers, and neighbors.

You must carefully select the people you want to chat with in life, as envious people will try to diminish your inner spirit by putting negative thoughts on your table that may lead you to a stressful lifestyle.

If you ever notice anything similar, you must stop contacting that person. It’s for your own good – you must take care of yourself.

Conversely, if a person is cheering for your little successes and he lifts you up in the sky if you conquer any bigger goal, then evidently, this person is like a blessing to your life. It’s that simple! Keep this one and detach the other.



By spending time on the Internet reading high-performing articles or watching infomercials, you might think there is a secret to health, happiness, and well-being.

It would be nice if it were that easy, but in the real world, there is no something like a magic potion that can guarantee you a long, happy and healthy life.

But you can build one – you are the creator of your life, so you can create and apply long-term thinking habits that can boost your energy and aid in your potential.

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