Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle in 2022

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Guest Post by Marné Amoguis. She holds a B.A. in International Business from UC San Diego. She is a contributing writer at 365businesstips.com where she loves sharing her passion for digital marketing. Outside of writing, she loves traveling, playing music, and hiking.

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4 Tips to Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

After a few years of being stuck inside, many people want to start living a healthy lifestyle again. We’re just a few months into 2022, and most people are doing well in achieving their goals for the year by eating healthy and exercising. However, others are not. While you might have completely forgotten or given up on your resolutions, there’s no reason you can’t maintain a healthy lifestyle this year. You’ve come to the right place if you want to look and feel your best. Here’s how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in 2022.

Exercise Regularly

healthy lifestyle

Exercising regularly is easier said than done. Most of us exercise sporadically and only when we know it’s been a while and actually feel like doing it. However, exercising regularly comes with many benefits, including having more energy, something we all need after a long winter.

Physical activity is crucial for your overall health and wellbeing. Exercise stimulates your body and mind, helping to increase your energy levels and keep your heart, bones, joints, and muscles stronger. A lack of physical activity can increase your risk for various health conditions, including diabetes, strokes, and obesity. However, it can also make you feel lethargic throughout the day. Have you ever noticed how tired you feel after sitting all day at work? Moving more throughout the day will keep you more active so that you actually have enough energy to get on the treadmill.

If you’ve been sedentary for most of 2022 so far, start slow. There’s no reason to hop on an elliptical and start doing an intense workout. Instead, aim to spend anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes getting some form of daily exercise. This exercise doesn’t have to be intense; instead, you can do anything from taking the dog for a long walk to walking on a treadmill. Once you get into the habit of exercising regularly and ensuring you have found a time to work out that’s sustainable in your everyday life, you can begin working out longer and more often.

Most people should aim to get at least 150 minutes of exercise each week, which equals about 30 minutes a day for five days. If you want walking to be your go-to exercise, that means you can walk your pet around the block a few times every day and get your recommended amount of exercise.

Once you start to notice the positive effects of exercise, you’ll be more likely to continue with it. However, starting a new exercise routine takes dedication, even if it is just walking more. To get yourself into the habit of walking, you have to begin the pattern, which means going for a walk tonight, tomorrow, and the next day until you’ve developed a routine.

Check Your Diet

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We get it; you need some extra fat on your body to keep you warm during the winter. Nobody is judging your winter body. However, if you noticed that you felt tired and sluggish during the winter, your diet might be to blame. Now that spring is almost here, it’s time to start eating healthier because summer is not far away. Instead of keeping your body warm, you’ll want to do everything you can to keep it cool, which means losing additional weight.

Always try to eat foods high in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and you should also avoid sugar. If you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll find that keeping a diet high in protein will keep you feeling fuller for longer, eliminating cravings and energized all day long.

You should also always try to eat more fruits and vegetables to provide your body with the essential vitamins it needs to function correctly. Consider adding some fruit to your breakfast and vegetables to your dinner to help you make the transition from unhealthy meals easier.

The good news is that most people don’t have to follow a strict diet as long as they watch what they eat. For example, instead of ordering food just because you don’t feel like cooking, you can make healthier choices, such as meal prepping the days before you know you’ll be too tired to cook after work.

Aim for colorful meals. The more colorful your plate, the more likely it is to be healthy and consist of healthy portions of protein, carbs, and vegetables.

You may want to pay attention to portion sizes. You can gain weight from eating too much of just about anything, so you should always pay attention to how much you’re feeding yourself. Many people will eat anything that’s on their plate, so try starting off with smaller portion sizes and see how you feel after you’ve finished everything on your plate. After a few minutes, you can always get more if you’re still hungry.

Drink More Water

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Even though we all know the importance of water and staying hydrated, many of us seem to forget to drink water throughout the day. Sometimes we drink other things, such as coffee, tea, or soda, and sometimes we simply get so engrossed in our work that we forget our water is sitting right in front of us.

Water carries nutrients and oxygen to your cells, metabolizes proteins and carbs, and regulates your body temperature. Plus, it can help improve digestion. However, not getting enough water can make you feel tired and even result in a headache.

Drinking enough water is crucial for staying healthy, so you should always get enough. However, if you’re someone who can never remember to drink water, you can download an app that allows you to track how much water you’ve had or set the alarm on your phone to remind you to take a few sips.

Get Enough Rest

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Busy people have a difficult time getting the rest they need. Whether you’re a parent dealing with a baby who won’t sleep through the night or someone with a high-stress job, many people don’t get enough sleep, making them feel downright awful most days. You already know the importance of getting enough rest, including letting your body heal to prevent and manage medical conditions and letting your mind repair from a stressful day.

Getting enough rest can be difficult, but it’s a necessity. If you’re someone who doesn’t get enough sleep, eventually, you’ll notice poor mental and physical health. So instead, take control of your sleep by ensuring you get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night, no matter what.

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