How Meditation Changes the Brain

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The whole body of a human being is governed by the mind, the mind controls the whole body, and it is the brain that keeps working all the time while sleeping and waking up, so every activity of the brain has a good or bad effect on the body. When meditation changes the brain, it also changes our mind and body. In such a situation, in order to remain healthy, it is necessary to have a balanced and restrained mind in a healthy body. The easiest and most effective way for this is meditation. Through meditation, a person can keep his mind balanced and focused. If the mind remains focused, the heart also remains healthy.

Including Meditation in the daily routine is highly beneficial. It not only helps in managing mental health but also creates healthy well-being. Let’s understand how.

How Meditation Changes the Brain and Body

Let’s Take a Look At Your Mind

meditation changes the brain

Meditation is directly related to the mind. There are two types of mind in a human being, one external mind, and the other inner mind. The nature of the external mind is very fickle and devious in comparison to the inner mind, in which lust, greed, ego, jealousy, anger, hatred, deceit, etc stays. The external mind always motivates the person to do bad deeds.

The nature of the inner mind is calm, pure, and peaceful, which always inspires man for good works, supernatural divine, and miraculous powers are hidden within this mind. When the external mind is in a dormant state, then the inner mind becomes active and this state is called meditation.

The mind has been called an unbridled horse because the mind never stays in one place and tries to keep all the senses of the body under its control. The mind creates new desires all the time. One wish is not fulfilled and another desire is awakened. And a man keeps on trying to fulfill those desires. For which man has to go through lust, anger, greed, attachment, fear, pain, etc.

Despite this, when the desires of a person are not fulfilled, then there is trouble and sorrow in mind. If the mind is controlled and concentrated in some way, then the person begins to become self-realized and rises above all kinds of object disorders and by awakening the hidden energy reserves in the inner mind, one can become the master of supernatural accomplishments.

Controlling the mind is a bit difficult, but after some effort, complete control over the mind can be achieved. There are many types of remedies in our Hindu Vedas or Scriptures to control the mind, of which the easiest way is through meditation.

With the effort of a few days or months, the seeker can be able to control his mind completely. It is said to be the key to the mind. By doing meditation, all the disorders of the mind gradually end, and the inner mind starts to become awakened and conscious. Gradually the concentration of the mind starts increasing. When the dormant energies of the human body are awakened, the body becomes completely pure and healthy.

Meditation is the Key to Well-Being

meditation changes the brain

According to yoga experts, practicing meditation on a daily basis can promote the circulation of positive energy in your life and provide benefits to overall health. Studies have found that its practice can also be useful for you in many types of physical problems. It can help you reduce the major risk factors that lead to heart disease.

The mind is responsible for the health of the body. What we think directly affects our body and over well-being. If we are having negative thoughts then our body will lose the power to fight diseases. Also, many diseases occur while you are having bad mental health. So, in order to keep the body healthy, it is necessary to keep the mind healthy.

The practice of meditation can be especially useful for you in keeping the mind as well as the body healthy. Studies have shown the benefits of this practice in a number of health conditions.

  • It is helpful in reducing anxietystress.
  • It is helpful in controlling the causes of Asthma-Cancer.
  • It reduces the problem of depression and headaches.
  • It is beneficial for heart diseases and high blood pressure.
  • It reduces the problem of irritable bowel syndrome.
  • It is beneficial in preventing sleep problems, and insomnia.

Note: This article has been prepared based on the suggestions of a Yoga Guru. It would help if you chose a meditation teacher or school to start your meditation journey.

The above article is for reading purposes. It is written by a well-versed teacher of Meditation in India. He holds the certification course degree of Meditation Teacher Training in India and is now teaching as a Meditation guru in Rishikesh.

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