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Why We Need a Mental Health Slack Channel

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When the pandemic hit the world’s populations in the first quarter of 2020, many businesses and companies had to pivot to a distributed work model to continue to survive. This transition from the traditional workplace to remote work has enabled multiple benefits, such as decreased stress from commuting, increased flexibility and autonomy, and reduced office space, which is also great for sustainability.

However, since the online platform is cold, remote work can also have its disadvantages. For some, being away from the usual office setup, where they can interact with co-workers, can be isolating. Not only can it damage relationships, but it can also encourage a sedentary lifestyle. According to organizational psychologist Lynn Holdsworth, there was a 67% increase in loneliness when people work from home.

Fortunately, technology is harnessing its powers to be a boon not only to businesses but also to mental health. Numerous SaaS products and gadgets that might help benefit the brain have been developed to promote health and wellbeing, such as the Mental Health Slack Channel.

This article will explore how such a tool can help you stay mentally sound in a remote work environment.

Mental Health Slack Channel

Breaking the stigma of mental health at work

Having an avenue dedicated to mental health removes the negative perception and even the taboo of talking about it. When management incorporates the Mental Health Slack channel into employees’ benefits package, it sends the strong message that mental health should not be taken lightly, that it should be part of the regular conversations about keeping everyone healthy and well. Doing so also communicates to virtual employees that the company has got their backs regardless of where they are.

In addition, breaking the stigma will encourage people to talk more openly about their problems, which enhances the probability of treatment and recovery. Although the Mental Health Slack channel is not a stand-in for therapy, it can be a powerful adjunct that can support existing mental health treatments and remedies.

Creating a safe haven for self-expression

Mental Health Slack Channel

Everyone, including remote workers, needs a protected zone where they can let their guard down and talk freely without fear of being judged. One can also opt to stay anonymous if they are still adjusting to the novel idea of discussing their mental health issues, regardless of their extent or gravity.

Talk therapy is one effective way that can help heal depression naturally. Being able to convey how we feel enables us to also hear and listen to ourselves, thus, guiding us to better identify the issues that lead to anxiety and depression. It also gives us a sense of being proactive about addressing our issues. No matter how small it may be, no effort is insignificant in contributing to the resolution of mental health problems.

Enhancing worker engagement

The physical isolation in remote work can lead to feelings of loneliness. While autonomy is generally a good thing, too much self-reliance can also impose a heavy burden on our psyche, giving us a sense that everything hinges on ourselves and that there is no available support system.

The Mental Health Slack channel provides a venue for people to interact meaningfully despite being in a virtual setting. The channel enables people to easily share information that can be useful in tackling mental health. For instance, in the Slack community, someone can source out mental health materials and ask about references for competent mental health professionals. In addition, shared experiences are also possible on the channel. The light banter at work that strengthens camaraderie and supports the pleasant atmosphere in a traditional office setup can also be encouraged through the Slack channel.

Supporting mental health management

Mental Health Slack Channel

The Mental Health Slack channel can provide convenient access to qualified mental health practitioners. Not all people may be confident about being in close physical proximity to a healthcare professional. Using the tool can be a comfortable starting point for those just about to embark on their mental health journey and are still figuring out how to go about it. The channel can also be invaluable in providing mental health support to those who do not have immediate physical means to visit a healthcare clinic and have a physical face-to-face with a therapist. Note that the tool is not a substitute for therapy but can help hold one up in the interim.

With the proliferation of online counseling sessions in the Mental Health Slack Channel, you may be wondering about how to ensure security in Slack. Not to worry. The channel has encryption and data protection capabilities that can maintain patient privacy. The privacy settings can enable you to work out the level of confidentiality that you want to keep.

The Takeaway

Leveraging the technological capabilities of the Mental Health Slack Channel can be a relatively affordable yet highly beneficial and effective way to support mental health at the workplace. Check out Slack and find out how you can help boost your team’s overall health and wellbeing today.

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