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15 Mood-Boosting Foods You Will Love

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Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A.

This is the fourth part of a four-part series about mood-boosting foods. Which food should you eat in order to be happy, and fight depression? Let’s have a look!

Your Favorite Mood-Boosting Foods

1. Cottage Cheese

The tryptophan in cottage cheese helps promote relaxation and can help boost your mood.

2. Peanut Butter

Peanuts contain tryptophan which your body needs to produce serotonin.

3. Pistachios

mood-boosting foods

They help your body absorption of glucose by the nervous system, a lack of which causes depression. Eating a quarter cup a day is ideal.

4. Organic beef

Because of the high amount of protein, eating the recommended weekly intake of organic beef could improve mental health. Beef contains tryptophan that encourages the brain to produce serotonin. But be careful, if you eat too much red meat you will increase your risk of depression.

5. Figs

Figs contain slow-release sugars, which can lift and sustain your mood.

6. Apples

They are full of antioxidants that help your body fight inflammation. Lowering brain inflammation boosts your mood.

7. Watermelon

mood-boosting foods

The lycopene in watermelon helps lower the risk for inflammation associated with depression.

8. Soybean

A moderate soy intake is associated with a lower incidence of depressive symptoms. But be careful, studies found that processed forms of soy like tofu and natto were associated with depressive symptoms.

9. Olive Oil

Several studies show the benefits of olive oil for mental health.

10. Coconut oil

Coconut oil has antioxidant properties and a study has shown that virgin coconut oil could be useful in treating some kinds of depression.

11. Reishi Mushroom

Several studies claim that Reishi is an incredible ally to enhance mood.

12. Okra

Okra is full of fiber and good gut bacteria which positively influence your brain health and your overall mood.

13. Kale

mood-boosting foods

The anti-inflammatory components of kale, like vitamin K, are beneficial against depression.

14. Whole Rice

Whole rice contains complex carbohydrates that help you fight depression as they help your body with the production of serotonin.

15. Edamame

This young soybeans snack is the perfect healthy snack to enhance your mood.


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