About me

I’m just a regular European guy in his mid-thirties that wants to share his experience.
English is not my mother tongue. I apologize for any mistakes. The main goal is to share my message with as many people as possible.

I grew up in a suburb next to a capital within a family with an oppressive father that has a narcissistic personality disorder.
There hasn’t been a day of my childhood that I can remember that has been a beautiful quiet day without frictions or arguing. Nothing was ever good enough back then, and everything was a pretext to start a verbal fight.
In my teen years, I was fifteen to be exact, I started feeling episodes of heavy stress, anxiety, and panic attacks that made me develop agoraphobia, and I ended with a depression.
A few years later, I entered College (University), but I wasn’t able to finish it.
So, I ended up working from home for a call center and living in a tiny apartment, where I remained 24/7, with a woman I didn’t love but with who I stayed because I couldn’t sustain myself without her help.
I also went to do sessions with a psychiatrist, but in my case, he never really seemed to understand the problem, and the drugs he prescribed me made everything even worse.

One day I was fed up with undergoing all this adversity in my life and started educating myself about what was happening to me and everything that had to do with mental health and well-being.
I went back to college, I took evening classes after work, and I finally graduated in Literature.
In the meanwhile, I felt much better after a long process of self-acceptation. I dealt with my problems and solved my mental issues as an autodidact.
Soon after, I decided to leave, go and see the world, find myself back, and pick-up my life.
This decision made me travel through the Caribbean. I also worked and lived in North-Africa and four different European countries. This part of my life took seven years, and I came back with a completely different mindset.

Today it’s already ten years that I have no agoraphobia, no depression, and no panic attacks anymore. Of course, like any human being, I still have to deal with stress sometimes, but I can handle it correctly because I know how to handle it now.
I currently have a fulfilling life; I work as a copywriter and can say I enjoy life.
I also hope to be able to help as many people as possible with the blog posts that I write about my experiences and the things I learned during all these years.

Purpose of this website

The primary goal of this website to be able to share my blog posts with as many people as possible and help them overcome adversity understand their emotions, and hopefully find the path to a happier, more fulfilling life. I have faith that sharing my experiences and what I learned over time can make a difference!

Although, if this content helps one person today, it would already make my day.

Thanks for reading,

Alex Perez

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