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Narcissistic sociopaths. How can you recognize them?

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Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A.

Narcissistic sociopaths can often make you feel drained. You’re not sure why but you always feel exhausted in the relationship. Narcissistic sociopaths have only one concern: themselves. Every move they make and everything they put energy into is only to nourish their own image and desires.

Sometimes they don’t really realize they are doing it. And sometimes it’s because they haven’t recovered their own past traumas and like broken glass, they inflict wounds on others as they live their lives.

If you’re wondering if you’re living with a narcissistic sociopath, here are some tell-tale signs:

narcissistic sociopath recognize
  • You feel loved yet very confused when big topics in the relationships arise. You feel ashamed for feeling love for the person.
  • You feel like they don’t really know you as a person. Narcissistic sociopaths are not interested in what makes you happy or what kind of things you enjoy.
  • They may buy you beautiful gifts but are unable to really know what you want.
  • When there is a disagreement in the relationship, they make you feel very guilty and ashamed instead of trying to find a common solution and understand how both parties can be more cooperative towards a common goal.
  • Narcissistic sociopaths use words like “oversensitive”, “dramatic”, “crazy”, “losing it” to describe you when you bring up something that bothers you.
  • They often say they don’t remember when you discuss something that hurt you badly. That makes you question your reality.
  • You always feel like you are chasing their love and approval.
  • The amount of lies can be overwhelming. You are tired of believing what a narcissistic sociopath says and seeing them do the opposite.

What do you do if you realize you’re living with a narcissistic sociopath?

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Well, first we have to acknowledge that it is a huge milestone that you are able to recognize they are a narcissistic sociopath and that you are a victim of narcissistic abuse. This is a point many people have yet to arrive in their relationships and labeling it means that your healing can begin.

Second, realize that they have been this way since the very beginning of the relationship. Perhaps they had groomed you to believe otherwise until they showed their true colors. But whether it was obvious or not, your partner was a narcissistic sociopath today and on the day you met them. It is not your fault. You did not cause them to behave this way.

Third, for the whole relationship you felt like the inferior one, now it is time to give yourself the love you deserve. Though you may genuinely love your partner, you are your own individual. Learn to trust yourself, learn to practice self-love, make time for the things that bring you joy. There might be pushback from your narcissistic partner, who is not used to seeing you self-validated. But recognize that you deserve this for your own well-being.

Whether you decide to stay in the relationship or not, living with a narcissistic sociopath means you need to set your own boundaries. And distinguish the differences between their behavior and the way you feel and live in your own life.

Recognize a narcissistic sociopath
Infographic: How to Recognize a Narcissistic Sociopath

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