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Natural Antidepressants for Teenagers

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Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A.

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First of all, you must be thinking like-“Depression in teenagers?” really? But yes, sadly, it exists, and it is pretty common although it doesn’t look like it is. Millions of people are diagnosed with depression each year, and most are teenagers or early youths. It makes a person unhealthy, sad, mood swings like anger or crying, which can make the person both physically and mentally weak and leads to horrific thoughts of suicide or dispair, anxiety, grief, and many more in the person’s mind. So, it is better to treat and cure it as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are several natural antidepressants at our disposal to solve this issue.

Treatment: Antidepressants for Teenagers

For its treatment, antidepressants are considered, but chemical antidepressants can have adverse and undesirable effects. It can worsen suicidal thoughts or behavior significantly below 25, so natural antidepressants are a better alternative. There are many depression patients and even doctors who say that natural curing is better than clinical medications. Although it may take more time than regular in curing, it will give better results with almost no side effects. However, before changing the drugs you take, it is better to consult with your doctor first for better safety and precaution.

Types of Alternative Natural Antidepressants for Teenagers

Natural Antidepressants for Teenagers

There are several alternative natural antidepressants and techniques for curing depression in teenagers, like yoga and meditation. As we all know, yoga and meditation are boons for almost every disease, whether mental or physical. It helps to keep the person’s mind calm and increases mental peace. It relaxes the body and mind, and the person can cope with the pressure and difficulties with ease. Exercises are known for enhancing mood, relieving stress, and boosting endorphins, making a person happier.

The second alternative is the use of herbal remedies, and it can be taken precisely as medication, and the best part is that it rarely has any side-effect cause it is all-natural. Although they are also to be taken as per doctor’s prescription as severe quantity intake of it can reverse the effect.

The third alternative is massage and acupuncture, which is also a pretty popular treatment. Still, it requires professional practitioners for best results, and the results can also vary from person to person. For one, it may work, while it may not work for the other. The next one is cognitive behavior therapy. A mental health professional can help the teenager improve coping skills, communications, and problem-solving skills. The person can also learn how to control and manage emotions, harmful thoughts, and behavior.

Last but not least is interpersonal therapy. With a focus on relationships, with the family, like talking, spending time with the person will be beneficial in mild cases of depression and may help the teenager adapt to current relationships and develop new ones. We know that nowadays we hardly spend time with each other in the family. It might create a more complex situation for a depressed person. So, it is also an excellent way to cure the person, by spending time with them.

These are all types of natural treatments and therapies. It is challenging to study whether they work or not. Still, they are often effective in treating depression patients and have infrequent side effects. They will cure the patient in a better and natural way. However, too many therapies and treatments may be overwhelming. This is why it is good to consult a doctor or therapist first to determine which natural antidepressants and techniques might be best for the teenager or patient, depending upon the situation and severity of depression. From there, it might be a trial and error way to determine which methods work best for the patient.

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