How to Ditch the Rat Race and Start Living a Peaceful Life?

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Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A.

Guest post by Alexandra Doherty, Senior Copywriter

The ancient times were primitive and ridden without any technology. It meant humans had to settle near rivers, build their civilizations, and hunt for food. The practice could be time taking and had many loopholes. The result was that many societies failed due to the unavailability of resources. Many civilizations failed, and specialists blame the failure of technology. Some also left their mark on human history. The Mayans from the United States of America, Harappan civilization from India, Celtics from Switzerland are famous civilizations. Their names still come in our history books, as they left a mark on our history.

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The coming of the medieval century and humankind made a breakthrough. The arrival of science made things easier. Several advancements in medical and mechanical science happened. The way to communicate from distant places came into the limelight. Societies became efficient and long-lasting. Many countries came to the surface as time went on. The economies of these countries were self-reliant and based on trade within them. It provided the much-needed stability, and the population across the world saw an exponential increase. The pace of life was steady and efficient at the same time.

Modern society changed it all. The technology advanced, and so did the economies. From the invention of computers to vehicles, all have made our jobs easier. It is a matter of minutes to travel several hundreds of miles or to communicate with our friends living in different countries. One can order products from the warmth of their home. The pace of life is fast and often too hectic. For many adults, a typical day starts with a 9-5 job. Then comes a struggle to balance their personal lives, which most of the time feels like a chore. Many satirists often call this a rat race, just within humankind. We all love satires based on our lives, right?


Running a marathon is tough, and it is even harder to do it every day. Most adults work for five days a week, spend one day transitioning to domestic life, and mostly get a day off. Here are some of the signs which indicate that you are part of this rat race-

Reduced Sleep cycle

The lingering anxiety related to the daily tasks, deadlines, assignments can lead to trouble while sleeping, and thinking about bills while sleeping is the most common thing among working adults. It promotes uneasy activity in the neural receptors present in the brain. The anxiety over a long time can lead to irregular sleep cycles. The dysfunctional sleep cycle lowers the productivity of the individual and can lead to more mistakes while working. It ultimately leads to a decrease in inefficiency.

Increased Stress

When deadlines miss, it creates anxiety. The anxiety throughout the day can be harmful to the neural activities of the individual. Long-term tension can result in varying stages of stress. Specialists claim that stress leads to lower productivity and even various other complications. Many complain of a lack of social life due to everyday stress. It can also lead to obesity and severe headaches in many at the same time.

rat race

The problems like laziness, Gastrointestinal problems are the other common problems that arise from the daily rat race.

The problems are many, and it is time to talk about the solutions. Many of us cannot afford to quit our jobs, so there is a need for organic solutions. Some of them are-

Daily Exercise

The excuses for no exercise have shifted from being lazy to having no time. The 9-hour shifts do not leave much room for a heavy workout after office hours. Many of us dread committing to a gym daily. The alternative is daily light exercise. It can include a morning walk, jogging, meditation, or yoga. The daily workout ensures that the body feels relaxed and is ready for a tough day in life. Many view daily exercises as their favorite coping activity, before or after the dreadful work hours. It reduces the pain in the muscles of the individuals, which helps them relax daily.

Balanced diet

A balanced diet is a secret to most physical and mental problems. A diet that balances the nutrition intake daily is a necessity. A balanced diet should include iron, calcium, and various other nutrients daily. One can have more fruits in the daily diet, as they are the best protein source and many more nutrients. Green leafy vegetables are also an effective alternative.

A mix of a balanced diet and some physical exercise is essential to benefit your body. It is an effective tool against the symptoms from running in the wide-scale rat race. There are several options in the market. The typical ones are chemical-based. However, some of the chemicals do produce severe complications in many consumers. Chemical stress relievers and anti-depressants are some of the most famous options.


Thoreau rate-race peaceful life

The wide-scale rat race leaves no room for relaxation. The aftereffects are visible only when it is too late. It is better to take a step back and control your health. The balance between mental health and physical health is critical for a balanced lifestyle. The few tools which can be effective in this fight can be exercise and a balanced diet. The mix of these activities also decreases heart diseases in individuals. Taking control of your hygiene is an effective tool to balance your personal and professional lives.

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