7 Reasons Why Solo Travel Is One of the Best Ways to Build Resilience

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Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A.

Guest post by Beth Rush

Sometimes, people need to get out of their comfort zones to grow. Traveling can bring out the best in many people — and the solo travel benefits from an adventure on your own are unmatched.

While you may think traveling with other people is more fun, you might benefit more from traveling alone.

Here are just a few of the reasons why solo travel is the best

1. Makes You Independent

solo travel resilience

Solo travel benefits most people, but it’s especially great for those who lack independence. Traveling on your own means making arrangements for yourself and choosing what to do while you’re not at home. When you only have yourself to rely on, it can toughen you up quickly.

Whether you’re going on vacation alone or just traveling to a destination by yourself, you’ll still have choices to make, such as what to eat or do. No one else will be able to make these decisions for you.

2. Gives You An Adventure

Traveling alone can get you to enjoy a place in a totally different way — you can create your own experience at your destination and the journey to get there. The adventure of something new is just one of the reasons why solo travel is the best.

If you want to stop and shop in airport stores, you can — without anyone telling you they want to go somewhere else. Your priorities get to come first when traveling alone.

3. Sharpens Decision-Making Skills

Being by yourself also means keeping up with yourself and your belongings. You’re the only one who will be responsible for yourself, so you have to make the decisions. On the plus side, your choices will only affect you. Starting with low stakes can be a significant benefit if you’re building your decision-making skills.

Building these techniques can actually improve your leadership skills and qualify you in other areas of life. If you aren’t used to making split-second decisions, traveling alone will help you learn how to make decisions quickly — particularly if you’re on a tight timeframe.

4. Shows You Mistakes Happen

solo travel resilience

Slip-ups are bound to happen, especially when traveling somewhere new for the first time. Understand mistakes are part of humanity — and many people have made them before you.

You may not account for some things the first time you travel alone and that’s okay. It’s a learning process and you can likely grab anything you forgot at home when you get to your destination. If it wasn’t that important, then enjoy your time without it.

The most important part of making mistakes is learning from them and becoming a more well-informed, resilient traveler who can face any future upset.

5. Forces You to Be Social

While traveling alone, you can’t bounce questions and ideas off your loved ones. While it might be a dream for introverts, extroverts may find themselves missing someone to talk to. Partaking in small talk can help people stave off the loneliness researchers have linked to symptoms of depression and sleep issues.

If you have a question, ask another traveler in your area what they think. Some might be standoffish, but others may jump at the chance to talk to someone else. Whether they have an answer for you or are just as clueless as you are, you’ll break down some barriers that could keep you from other opportunities in your future, travel or elsewhere.

6. Teaches Flexibility

Something unpreventable always seems to happen when traveling. Whether you miss a flight or don’t have the chance to eat before something important, you’re bound to encounter something that could cause an issue. That is why you should learn to become flexible, so you can go with the flow that life takes you on.

Traveling alone teaches you to be adaptable — and having the flexibility to do anything is one of the reasons why solo travel is the best. Many things likely won’t go your way throughout life. It’s essential to build resilience for whatever comes your way and traveling alone is one of the best ways to do it.

7. Helps Your Confidence

solo travel resilience

When you are in charge of yourself, you may worry you’ll get something wrong. Just as mistakes are part of human nature, doubting yourself is, too — but that doesn’t mean you should settle for self-doubt and anxiety.

Learning to plan a trip from the ground up by yourself can improve your confidence. Plus, there’s just something rewarding about doing something on your own and seeing all of it come to fruition.

Solo Travel Benefits Almost Everyone

If you can be on your own, you should take a trip somewhere — you’ll see why solo travel is the best once you do it for the first time. With no one to answer to except yourself, you may find that you have much more freedom and it could become your preferred travel method!

Interesting Facts and Questions about Solo Travel

solo travel woman

Is solo travel lonely?

Loneliness is a state of mind in which you feel sad about being alone. If you enjoy the quietness during your solo travel, you will definitely not feel lonely. Besides, if you socialize, you’ll meet new people during your solo travel.

How do I get the courage to travel alone?

  • Check your government’s advisory website
  • Start by booking a few nights ahead
  • Be positive
  • Be social
  • Take one step at a time
  • Plan your travel
  • Get a local contact

Is solo travel good for introverts?

Solo travel is excellent for introverts! As you will meet new people all the time on the road, it will force you to open up and socialize. You’ll quickly see that it gets way easier once you practice socializing daily. I’m sure you will even start to enjoy it.

Is solo travel boring

Solo travel will be as boring as you want it to be. But as monotony is what makes things boring, combining all the new experiences that come with solo travel with boredom will be a difficult task.

Is traveling alone hard?

What makes things hard is not being prepared. If you plan your solo travel ahead and prepare yourself for different scenarios that you can meet during your holiday solo travel doesn’t have to be hard at all.

How do you protect yourself as a woman traveling alone?

  • Plan your stay
  • Travel light
  • Meet other woman travelling solo
  • Try to not eat alone
  • Meet the locals but don’t trust straight away
  • Always check what you drink
  • Research the local culture
  • Learn a few basic sentences in the local language
  • Be aware of surroundings
  • Never show your valuables or cash

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