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5 Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol

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Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A.

It’s Dry January and you would like to go a period of time without consuming alcohol. Maybe you want to stop drinking alcohol in the near future. Great idea!

Let’s see why you should stop drinking alcohol

1. Maintain a Healthy Weight

stop drinking alcohol

Alcohol is full of empty calories and if you start drinking on a regular basis while having a sedentary lifestyle you will be fat in no time.

2. Avoid Problems

Drunk people tend to get into all kinds of problems from treating their loved ones badly to fighting or having unsafe sex.

3. No Hangover

stop drinking alcohol

We all know the feeling, after a night out we wake up completely dehydrated and with a hangover. When you quit drinking alcohol you will never again have a hangover. Isn’t that great news?

4. Save Money

Of course, alcohol is expensive and we rarely drink only one glass of wine on a night out. Those consumptions quickly add up and end up being expensive.

5. Improve Sleep

stop drinking alcohol

It isn’t because you blacked out after a night of binge drinking that you feel rested the next morning. When you quit drinking alcohol your quality of sleep improves because alcohol tends to disrupt your sleep patterns.


There are no excuses, quit drinking alcohol is always the best solution!

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