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7 Ways to Transform Your Desk into a Stress-Free Zone

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Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A.

Guest post by Raymond Chiu, Operations Manager at Maid Sailors, NYC

If you’re stressed before you start working, you might need to spruce up your work desk. That way, you can associate your office space with something positive.

How to Transform Your Desk into a Stress-Free Zone?


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If you want to start developing your desk into a stress-free zone, you can start by getting rid of the overwhelming clutter around your desk.

Decluttering can help you figure out what else you can work on with your desk. You also get more workable space so you can better focus on the task at hand.

It’s not just trash that can distract you from your desk. It could be the items that you added to your desk.

For example, random pens and paper everywhere, as well as some personal décor, can stack up and crowd your desk. That’s why you should consider decluttering to avoid clutter gathering on your desk.

Stay clean and organized

At Maid Sailors NYC Office Cleaning, we emphasize the importance of making cleaning a habit. That’s because developing a habit of staying clean and organized is a critical way to help transform your desk into a stress-free zone.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to maintain cleanliness, especially when you have a flurry of work. However, staying clean and organized goes a long way into maintaining your sense of peace.

Although it’s evident that a clean and organized work desk is comforting, building a new habit can be challenging.

A simple cleaning habit that you can build would be to start each workday cleaning and organizing your desk. Before you clock out from work, you should also pick up any trash and clean your desk. Those two simple tasks can help your desk stay clean for a lot longer.

Go for ergonomic features

One reason you might feel stressed out when working on your desk could be that staying there for a long time is uncomfortable and fatiguing.

desk stress-free zone

To ensure that you won’t feel as tired while working at your desk, you should look at the office furniture that you’re using and start there. You want the ergonomic office furniture to make sure that you are comfortable while working. Otherwise, you might find yourself staying in an uncomfortable position for long hours at a time.

Your body will feel more tired than it should be if you keep that up. With ergonomic furniture, you can prevent that from happening.

Make your space well-lit

Another way you can make your desk feel less like it’s stressing you out is by ensuring that the space around you is well-lit. If you have a dull or gloomy atmosphere around your desk due to poor lighting, it can drag down your mood.

Since it’s hard to see, your eyes also have to strain themselves, which can tire them out faster. Thus, you should ensure that you have ample lighting to create a more positive and refreshing atmosphere around your desk.

A well-lit desk can also make it easier for you to focus, and your eyes won’t get tired faster because it doesn’t have to strain to do the work.

Green up your space

green up

Adding greenery to your desk is a great way to decorate it to feel more refreshing and inviting. It can add a pop of color and give your work desk a positive vibe.

Given all the craze around plant ownership these days, you will have a lot of online resources that can help guide you to the best plants for your desks. Look for plants that can thrive indoors.

Also, ensure that you will maintain care for your indoor plants. After all, dying plants are not the best way to make your desk look stress-free. Otherwise, you can always start with low-maintenance indoor plants.

Manage your cables

Having different cables going around your desk is not the most appealing thing to look at. Plus, if you ever need a specific cable, it can be a confusing mess and might take longer than it should.

That’s why you should consider dedicating some time to managing your cables so that they look good and are organized.

When you have organized cables, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to find the wires that you’re looking for when you need them. Plus, organized cables look more appealing and will be a delight to see every time.

Add a personal touch

personal touch

If you have a bare desk, you might not feel any pleasant feelings around it because you don’t have any personal attachments to it. That’s why you should consider adding a few personal items there that won’t distract you or get in the way of your work.

Plants, as mentioned before, are an excellent addition to that. Motivational posters or photos of loved ones can also be a great way to add some delight to your workplace.

All the organizing tips listed above can help you have a positive workplace atmosphere. Apply these cleaning tips so that you too can enjoy a stress-free work desk which will make you more productive.

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