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Tackling Drugs: Taking Action on Addiction

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Drug misuse is increasing by leaps and bounds. Therefore an awareness campaign needs to be put at the forefront so as to save humanity from its imminent dangers. Drug abuse is also a pandemic!

Introduction about Tackling Drugs

Tackling Drugs

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) is working constantly with people severely affected by the negative influences of drugs.

This comprises many events that act to provide a shield to people and permeate awareness among the larger societies.

The ultimate aim is to create resilient societies that would be able to stand against any kind of drug abuse in its adjoining areas.

Amidst the contribution of International Bodies, the state bodies are also working to closely build an ecosystem that would act to show solidarity against drug abuse Globally in general.

The particular Article discusses certain nitty-gritty about drug use and societal shielding through building up solidarity. Ascendant provides an alcohol detox in New Jersey and you could know more about Drug Abuse on their website.

Drugs And Its Vile Disposition: Facts And Data

The need to raise consciousness in order to tackle drugs could be felt vehemently when one would come face to face with such concerning  facts and figures:

1. According to an estimate around 5.5% of the population aged between 18 to 64 have experienced drugs at least once in their lifetime.

2. Around 36.5 million people comprising 13% of the total number of persons who consume drugs,  suffer from some kind of disorder.

3. According to the 2021 World Drug Reports released by the UNODC around 275 million people in the world used some kind of drug.

4. According to the reading the drugs market has surged to a colossal US$ 315 million in annual sales turnover.

Therefore it requires no rocket science to justify why human shielding or solidarity needs to be displayed or created against the rising demon per se.

Tackling Drugs: Why Bother?

Tackling Drugs

The wide consumption of drugs is slowly drawing society towards the crater of doom. Seeing the imminent catastrophe the world needs to unitedly stand to show resilience against the Tsunami rising and surging of drug abuse globally.

The UNODC along with allied organizations like the United Nations Commission of Human Rights are busy creating a charter. The Charter would contain certain steps of vigilance and control against rising drug abuse within societies at large.

A greater impetus is to be developed by the alliance and strategic partnership between the Global Players along with the state Governments. These kinds of strategic partnerships are to be worked out against the insurgency of illegal drugs in society. 

First Principle Of Drug Control: Protection Of Health

It is identified through different reports that the health conditions of people are getting worse day by day. Increasing Poverty and shortage of food supply could be attributed to the increase of problems globally.

Seeing that malnutrition triumphs in the nook and corner of society, the UNO is considering strong steps to fight against poverty and malnutrition.

According to the United Nations, the increasing cases of drug abuse are due to increasing poverty and consequently increasing the hopelessness of the people.

Therefore it could well be understood that drug abuse and the increase could be controlled through measures of comprehensive healthcare.

Supply of food needs to be made incessantly so as to protect general health. This the United Nations has considered the primary objective or target.

Policy Making Of The United Nations Against Drug Misuse

Tackling Drugs

The United Nations have an intervention plan against rising drug abuse globally. This comprises certain policy implementations and adherences.

The principle upon which the entire policy measure is made is balancing between Comprehensive health and human rights so that the protection of people could be made feasible.

As opined by one of the officials, rising poverty is the main cause of increasing drug abuse.

Alternative sources of income generation need to be chalked out so that it facilitates alleviating Tension and Threats to survival.

Accountable effective Judicial laws need to be carved out simultaneously so that a balance between justice and comprehensive development of the society could be struck adequately.

The United Nation wing on Drugs abuse UNODC has a policy framework that goes in the following way:

1. They need to ensure that an incessant supply of substances could be controlled to relieve the pain and suffering of people.

2. At the same time adequate steps would be taken for rehabilitation and reintegration of people could be done through proper treatment methodologies.

3. There is a  strong need for stopping the illegal cultivation, production, and trafficking of drugs at the earliest.

4. The root source or financials that are necessary for trafficking could be strangled to stop.

These steps would ensure a better Resilient or Solidarity against the consumption of drugs in the wider society.

UNODC Strategy 2021-2025

By this time it could be made clear that a world body led by the UNODC has had its comprehensive strategy ready that could help curb the rise of drug abuse. The Thematic Areas could be discussed in abridged form  in this discussion:

Organized Crimes

Effective legal frameworks are to be built against any organized crime. This comprises a holistic investigation and prosecution of the guilty party.

Any kind of Cyber Crime needs to be curbed through adequate cyber protection

World Drug Program

Improved prevention, treatment, and care need to be provided so as to strengthen the internal ecosystem of wellness.

Effective access to controlled medication for those in dire need. At the same time, International laws need to be strengthened.

Corruption And Economic Crime

Legal Policies and procedures need to be framed so that elements of corruption could be uprooted. Fast Track implementation of United National Conventions Against Corruptions needs to be mechanized so that it provides better control on the concerned bodies.


It is terrorists that act to illicitly influence the human brain into a crater of Addiction. They supply illicit funds to control the human mind.

 This supply chain needs to be ravished completely. This would stop the infiltration of illegal drugs along or through the borders.

Prevention Of Crime And Criminal Justice

The entire network of the judicial system needs to be strengthened so that justice for the vulnerable could be extracted.

Community and Knowledge baked prevention from crimes needs to be propagated through laws and regulations.

Strict laws against the prevention of violence against children need to be done so as to stop children from resorting to drugs at an early age.

Conclusion about Tackling Drugs

Tackling Drugs

It could therefore be said at last that a framework is in the process so that the net of drug abuse could be curtailed.

The state must independently form liaisons with International bodies like UNODC so that it expedites the implementation of mechanisms against illicit drug abuse.

Last but not least public opinion needs to be created through awareness building and this needs to be done locally using the available local machinery.

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