5 Ways to Relax Being a Teetotaler

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Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A.

So, you quit drinking in Dry January and you like your new lifestyle? Congratulations! But you still have to deal with stress, and you used to relax drinking alcohol. So how do teetotalers relax?
Let’s have a look.

Learn to relax the teetotaler way


teetotaler relaxation

Exercise is the best way to relax when you’re teetotal. I personally like swimming and jogging but low-impact outdoor exercise like walking or gardening is the best option as you have the benefits of the serotonin production that comes with exposure to sunlight and light exercise.  

Yoga, Meditation or Mindfulness

Yoga, Meditation, or Mindful activities are also great to relax. You’ll focus on the harmony between your mind and your body. This will make you release stress, and feel in balance. The mindful activities I prefer are meditation walking and mindful gardening.

Take a warm bath or a cold shower

teetotaler relaxation

These two activities that sound like opposites will have the same result: you will feel more relaxed. A nice warm bath with a relaxing scent will make your muscles relax. A cold shower will make your heart pump blood into your system faster. The result of both activities is that you will release stress.

Listen to music

Listening to music you like will trigger the release of dopamine in your brain, that instant gratification hormone that is also released when you drink alcohol. You will instantly feel happier and more relaxed. Try dancing, where you combine exercise and music, for even better results.


teetotaler relaxation

Reading is a way of focusing and escaping. Focusing your mind on something else than your everyday life is a great way to relax.


There are plenty of ways to relax if you are a teetotaler. The most important argument to quit alcohol is that your health will greatly benefit from it.

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