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10 Types of Wellness Retreats to Reboot Your Mind and Soul

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Posted By Alex Perez - Mental Health Writer, B.A.

Guest post by Beth Rush

There are many ways to reconnect with yourself and feel restored, but sometimes the best way is to step away from your routine. Get out in the world and learn from people who can help so your daily life is more enjoyable when you get home. These are a few types of wellness retreats to reboot your mind and soul whenever you need more peace.

1. Meditation Retreats

meditation retreat

When you picture wellness retreats, you might think of people meditating on a grassy hillside. This is the most common mind, body and soul retreat because learning how to meditate improves your well-being long-term if you know how to do it correctly. These retreats take place worldwide, so you can find a location you prefer and meditate with experts to reduce the stress causing high blood pressure, anxiety, and other symptoms.

2. Spiritual Retreats

Spiritual retreats don’t look identical. Some help people reconnect with the religious beliefs that they lost touch with or the spiritual peace they’ve lost. Consider which spiritual beliefs you align yourself with to find a retreat with leaders, classes or seminars that will reboot your soul with encouragement and peaceful practices.

3. Sustainable Planning Retreats

Some people don’t want to attend retreats because they think the benefits will end as soon as their trip ends. Sustainable retreats teach attendees how to create actionable plans to maintain their wellness in their daily lives. You might benefit from trying new healthy recipes, mental health practices, and physical activities that will make you feel rejuvenated at home with a whole-body approach to rebooting.

4. Adventure Retreats

If exploring is how you thrive, consider signing up for an adventure retreat. These retreats schedule daily activities you wouldn’t get to do at home, like rock climbing, kayaking, and hiking. You’ll find that this time of mental wellness retreat restores your soul because your body gets stronger while you experience new things.

5. Spa Retreats

spa retreat

It isn’t easy to feel at peace in your mind if your body is suffering. Tight muscles, stiff joints, dry skin, and other symptoms keep people from feeling comfortable, which places more stress on your mental health.

Attending a spa retreat can be helpful if you struggle with these symptoms daily. Experts will work the tension from your muscles and use high-quality ingredients to restore your body’s vitality.

6. Digital Detox Retreats

Research shows that spending too much time online increases the severity of mental health conditions while decreasing a person’s self-esteem and cognitive development. That’s why so many people attend digital detox getaways. They’re known as mind, body, and soul retreats because you leave access to the internet and technology behind for group activities, exercise, and techniques to explore your subconscious.

7. Yoga Retreats

yoga retreat

You may feel your mind and soul strengthening at a yoga retreat if you already love the ancient practice. Yoga sanctuaries break the practice into physical, spiritual, and mental disciplines through scheduled classes and teaching moments. You’ll learn how to use it as a whole-health approach to making your daily life more grounded.

8. Couples Retreats

It’s never easy to feel at peace with yourself or your life if the relationship you share with your partner becomes rocky. If you feel like you’ve tried everything else or don’t know where to start repairing your relationship, consider attending a couples retreat. Relationship therapists offer custom-designed exercises and classes to help you feel closer and learn to communicate more effectively.

9. Fitness Retreats

Fitness might not be the first thing you picture when imagining a mental wellness retreat, but it’s a powerful resource in anyone’s mental health toolbox. They show you how to find the motivation to achieve your physical health goals while maintaining your mental health. You won’t have to battle procrastination, discouraging thoughts, or a fear of the gym once you have fun with various exercise types at a fitness retreat.

10. Outdoor Retreats

Outdoor retreats are like a combination of digital detox and adventure getaways. You’ll participate in outdoor activities throughout your stay, but most of these retreats don’t force you to leave your phone and laptop at home.

However, you may get more out of the experience by doing so. You’ll feel more connected with the healing power of nature and return home more at peace with yourself and your life. It’s another way to use traveling to gain clarity, as the expansive natural world makes everything seem more manageable in perspective.

Find a Mental Wellness Retreat

There are many ways to achieve mental wellness, so experts offer numerous types of retreats. Whether you want to attend one close to home or across the world, you only need to reflect on your interest to pick the best type of healing for your needs. Dive into nature, leave technology behind or look forward to a lesson in nutrition to craft a sustainable plan to support your well-being more effectively after your trip ends.

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